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Bobby Brown 'will always be worried about' Bobbi Kristina's alleged drug use

In the first part of Bobby Brown's candid interview with TODAY's Matt Lauer, the R&B star discussed his past drug use and the role hard drugs played in the life (and ultimately the death) of his ex-wife, singer Whitney Houston -- drugs he claimed came into Houston's life long before he did. But of course, there's another person in Brown's life that's recently been the subject of drug-use allegations.

In the second part of Brown's sit-down, he addressed reports that indicate drugs are now an issue for the next generation -- his and Houston's 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

When asked if he was worried about his daughter having recently been seen smoking marijuana, and rumors of "other things," Brown insisted, "I will always be worried about that."

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But that doesn't mean that he currently believes that she's in any real danger. In fact, the 43-year-old insists he has a solid relationship with his daughter and that he would know if there was really a cause for concern.

"I know what she is actually doing," Brown said. "I think people are, you know, making assumptions of what my daughter is and how strong she is. People tend to want to control strong-willed people. And that's what I see. … I am her father.  She talks to me about everything."

And he's not just Bobbi Kristina's father. Brown has four other children, and three of them joined him on TODAY to defend him from his "bad boy" reputation, especially in regards to his decision to walk out of Houston's funeral because he was unwilling to be separated from his alleged "entourage."

"We were the entourage," daughter LaPrincia said, setting the record straight.

"They sat us and you know, I saw someone talk to my dad," Brown's son, Landon, explained. "But I didn't know what they were saying -- until he tapped me and said, 'Let's go.'"

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According to Brown, he only delivered that message after security approached him three times and asked him to seat his "entourage" elsewhere.

"I decided that, you know, it'd be best if I just left," he said. "I kissed the casket, and me and my children left the building." 

Since then, Brown hasn't been in touch with Houston's family, though he said he has attempted to reach out to the singer's mother, Cissy Houston, without success.

After hearing from his children, and listening to what he has to say about daughter Bobbi Kristina, what do you think of Bobby Brown the family man? Discuss on Facebook.


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