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Which 'Call Me Maybe' parody is your favorite?

It's the most parodied, copied, lip-dubbed and reworked song of the summer. From Olympians to Cookie Monster, everyone who can carry a tune (or pretend to) has taken a turn belting out Carly Rae Jepsen's catchy, bouncy hit.

Here are a few of our favorites:

U.S. Olympic swim team
They're talented athletes but they're also up on modern music -- and look terrific in their suits. Don't miss Ryan Lochte's blown kiss, Michael Phelps' wink and the hilarious airplane-aisle scene. And how much do we want a shot at that water slide?

Jimmy Fallon and friends
Hard to beat Jimmy Fallon's rendition -- after all, he has Jepsen herself singing along with his band The Roots. We love this for the variety of little-kid instruments enlisted, plus the fact that these folks are actually singing, not lip-synching.

Harvard baseball team
This early version is simpler than many of the elaborate ones that came later, but we still love it for the serious looks, the car-ceiling-thumping choreography and best of all, the one guy in the back seat who sleeps through it. Even the YouTube video has the explanation "yes, he was actually sleeping the whole time." (The Southern Methodist University women's crew team also has a version, and the two teams met on TODAY in May for a face-off, with the TODAY anchors joining in.)

Kathie Lee and Hoda
The ladies of TODAY's fourth hour got in on the craze too when the SMU and Harvard teams visited the show. They may not be ready to medal in synchronized kicking yet, but the results were pretty funny. Note Kathie Lee showing off the binder clips holding down her dress.

U.S. Olympic dive team
The divers couldn't let the swim team take all the watery, musical glory. Their version contains the awesome line, "Hey, I just medaled, and this is crazy, but Ryan Lochte, call me maybe!" It was also filmed during the Olympics, so viewers get to see what the athletes' housing looks like -- love the American flags hanging from their balconies.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and pals
Even celebrities who make their own music can't resist Jepsen's ditty. Check out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and various friends of theirs rocking out with some fake mustaches, billiards equipment, a banana phone and a copy of "The Hunger Games."

President Obama and Mitt Romney
Jay Leno put the two politicians together in a car (OK, so it's not really them ...) for a fun version. Dig those black socks. (The Prez also rated a stand-alone take.)

Cookie Monster
Of course, furry blue Muppet Cookie Monster doesn't want anyone's number, he wants a COOOOOKIE! "Pie and ice cream, it no faze me, but you got cookie, so share it maybe!"

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