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Celebs vs. the paparazzi: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield win

Encounters with the paparazzi are a way of life for A-listers, and there are myriad ways of dealing with the intrusion -- some more effective than others. Actress Emma Stone and her actor boyfriend Andrew Garfield found a great way to deal with the ever-present photographers.

Said Elatab / Splash News

Actress Emma Stone and boyfriend actor Andrew Garfield used the paparazzi to their advantage by holding up cardboard signs to promote some charitable organizations.

Effectively turning the game on its head, Stone and Garfield used the images they were finding themselves in to do a little charitable promotion. The signs they're holding say it all. On Stone's: "We just found out that there were paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So ... why not take this" with an arrow pointing to Garfield, whose sign continued, "opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it www.WWO.org www.gildasclubnyc.org Have a great day!"

The paps get their picture and Gilda's Club New York City and Worldwide Orphans Foundation get some attention. Stone and Garfield come out as the most likeable celebrity couple, maybe ever. So, wins all around.

It's a good lesson for stars who tend to take a more aggressive approach to having their privacy invaded. The Alec Baldwin method, for example, generally involves yelling, and can feature some mild shoving, too. Effective? Not Very. The paps still get their photos, and Baldwin gets another rant (however understandable) captured on camera.

Rocker Marilyn Manson tried a creative approach to dissuade shooters by scrawling a message across his face in grease pencil, hoping to make the pap's photos unsellable. Here, you can easily make out “[Expletive] You” across his face and neck.

In case you were a passenger at LAX that day, please know the missive wasn't meant for you; Manson tweeted that it was squarely aimed at the paparazzi. Effective? Not at all. Instead of making the photos unsellable, they are totally sellable! Even for a face as distinct as Manson's often is, the mean message took the images to a new level.

The tried and true method of flipping the bird or pulling some piece of clothing over your face proves equally ineffective. Miley Cyrus tweeted images of her new hairdo for the world to see, but when the paps tried for their own shot, all she did was make it look like her 'do was a don't.

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