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Naval Academy recruits get on their high horse with 'Gangnam Style'

If any more evidence is needed that the U.S. has been conquered by the Korean dance stylings of PSY, look no further: The Navy has surrendered.

Well, mainly the members of 22nd Company at the U.S. Naval Academy, whose "spirit spot" video of "Gangnam Style" -- credited to Mark Vetere of 22nd Company and DoubleBond Productions -- has already racked up over 250,000 views on YouTube.

Using PSY's vocals to lip-sync and dance to, the sailors don their full Navy whites (and non-regulation sunglasses) and get down to the horsey moves with aplomb.

"Funny and hot -- what more can a woman ask?" noted YouTube user SmilingSheila in the comments. 

"Best remake I've seen of this to date!!" wrote Keana McMahon. 

So sit up straight and get ready to salute -- and check out the video!

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