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Carrie Underwood brings 12-year-old boy on stage for his first kiss

Every 12-year-old boy should take notes on this video from a Carrie Underwood concert in Louisville, Ky., in which a young man scores his very first kiss from the country music star.

Chase, the boy who probably hasn't washed his mouth since this happened, made a sign asking Underwood, "Will you be my first kiss?" The singer spotted the sign and asked the boy to come up on stage. The whole thing was caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

Underwood asks Chase how old he is and admits that she didn't have her first kiss until she was 14. She then tells the boy that her husband is somewhere in the building. "He might be looking for ya later," she says.

Carrie Underwood slideshow

"How we gonna do this?" Underwood asks Chase, and in the best answer ever for a pre-teen that didn't involve Batman or pizza, he says, "Lip to lip." Underwood and the crowd laugh with appreciation. "This is the smartest kid EVER!"

The singer then instructs the boy to close his eyes and plants a lasting memory on his lips.

"The only time that's gonna happen," Underwood warns the cheering crowd. So, grown men everywhere, stop looking for Sharpies and posterboard.

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