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Star-spangled reunion: Toby Keith reunites military wife with her husband onstage

For one Toby Keith fan in Houston, the singer's Sept. 8 concert wasn't just a night out, it was a huge homecoming surprise.

A video just now making the rounds shows Keith pulling a woman onstage (she's managed to keep her name out of the press). Keith tells her he'll play his hit "American Soldier" as a tribute to her husband, Major Pete Cruz, who was stationed in Afghanistan.

As the song ends, Keith and his band segue to "The Star Spangled Banner," at which point a man in fatigues comes on stage to give Keith a different guitar.

And surprise! The man giving Keith the guitar is the woman's husband back, and the entire audience gets to witness the couple's reunion.

Watch the above video to see how it all plays out (spoiler: go to just under the 3:00 mark for the big reveal).

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