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Is that Brooke Shields smoking pot with Bad Brains singer H.R.? Her rep says no

Call this one a case of mistaken identity. The Twitterverse went wild after a scanned old photo surfaced on Twitter with the caption "here is a photo of brooke shields smoking pot with h.r."


A screengrab of the image on Twitter that had people talking this week.

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In the snap, that appears to have been taken years ago, a woman who bears a resemblance to Brooke Shields is sitting next to lead singer H.R. of seminal hardcore band Bad Brains and is smoking from a pipe.

Bad Brains' manager even went on to tell Gawker, "It's her. This would be from 1983. Hair length, and H.R. missing that tooth he knocked out hitting a huge stage divider pole at the Reggae Lounge. Brooke would have been around 18, maybe still a Ford model."

But, a rep for the former "Lipstick Jungle" star, denied that Shields is the woman in question puffing away, telling E! News, "That is definitely NOT her."

According to the Daily Mail, Shields told Nylon back in 2000 her mom turned her off to the idea of using drugs, saying, "I don't know if it's reverse psychology, but my mom would say, 'You wanna do drugs? Fine. Do them. Just do me a favor. Let me do 'em with you. I'll get you the best stuff. This way I know you're not going to die.' And the whole thing was so unappealing to me."

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