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'Gangnam Style' convinces fussy tot it's time to eat

Apparently in baby talk, "Gangnam Style" means "time to eat." Or at least it does in the home of the Tsai family of London -- where baby Benjamin is just not hungry until PSY's international dance hit gets fired up on the laptop.

Dad Andrew, who says he's a "digital content editor for a national charity" on the website he's set up specifically for this video (gangnamstylebaby.com, what else?) recorded the feat of food engineering in a recent video that's just gone viral. In it, the transformation from fussy tot to enrapt, eating tot is instantaneous. 

"It would take more than an hour to just feed Benjamin lunch," wrote Andrew on his website. But, he noted, "The first time I introduced (the song) to him at a mealtime, I literally fed him within 7 minutes, or what I now call 1.5 'Gangnam Styles.'"

And as any new parent knows, whatever it takes to get baby through his daily rituals is worth it. In the Tsai household, clearly "Gangnam Style" is a solid gold record.

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