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Jay-Z mixes with the masses, takes subway to Brooklyn concert

What happens when one of the planet's biggest music moguls goes underground and takes the subway to work? When that mogul is rapper Jay-Z, the trip ends up being recorded and the video is blasted on the Internet.

Prior to performing his eighth and final show at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, Jay-Z was spotted at the Canal Street Station catching the R train to the borough. 

The rapper (whose name happens to be inspired by the J-M-Z subway line) exited at the Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center stop and walked into the new home of the NBA's Nets for his show.

Emotional Jay-Z rocks Brooklyn arena he helped get built

Snippets throughout the trip are shown in the attached YouTube video -- and it's slightly harrowing. Unlike celebrities who might have gone unnoticed on the train (if not for this Tumblr blog), Jay-Z is surrounded by bodyguards and is quickly recognized. No one appears shy in his presence and the video shows plenty of camera-phone flashes. People don't hesitate to shout, "Jay what are you doing here?" and, "Brooooook-lyn!"

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