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Judi Dench reveals meaning behind new James Bond film title 'Skyfall'

Talk about secret service. Dame Judi Dench has been well-cast as "M" in the last three James Bond films (including the upcoming "Skyfall"), and as she proved on TODAY Monday, she's very good at keeping the film's secrets to herself.

It is true, she admitted, that M gets a lot of face time in this installment: "Quite surprising to me, it was," she said. "So I get out to do a lot of action and spinning around and keeping those boys in order."

But is it the end of M? Will they have to go to another letter of the alphabet? Dench remained mum -- after all, as she admitted, she hasn't yet seen the completed film. 

Still, Dench did have one secret she could spill: Just what "Skyfall" means.

"It's the name of a house," she said, promising everything would be clear soon enough.

And all of us -- including Dench -- will have to wait for the rest. "Skyfall" opens in theaters on Nov. 9.

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