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'Madagascar 3's' Chris Rock reveals tour possibility with Dave Chappelle

The sudden appearance of many TODAY show visitors Tuesday wearing multi-colored wigs could only signal one thing: the return of the "Afro Circus" popularized in "Madagascar 3" -- and of Chris Rock, whose zebra character sang about the glories of wearing one. Rock stopped by the plaza Tuesday to talk about the home video release of the film -- which made $670 million at the worldwide box office -- and said he sees nothing wrong with continuing the franchise.

"As long as they pay me, Matt!" he told TODAY's Matt Lauer. 

He also revealed that the whole "Afro Circus" ditty his zebra Marty sings in the film was just an ad-lib. "My daughter Lola was at the (recording) studio and she was just bored out of her mind," he said, so he tried to make her laugh.

The comedian also revived the rumor that he and funnyman Dave Chappelle are going to tour together. "Maybe," Rock said. "Me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together. But we will see."

Al Roker wondered if that kind of a tour was even "allowed."

"It is allowed!" said Rock. "It should be pretty dangerous."

"Madagascar 3" is now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

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