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Bill Murray crashes New York kickball game, joins in

A bunch of hardy kickball players on New York's Randall's Island got a surprise on Saturday when none other than comedian Bill Murray showed up to play in their game.

Courtesy of Christopher G. DiLel

Bill Murray, holding the kickball.

"I looked out and thought it was just some old guy, then (my teammates) informed me it was him," said player Courtney Beard on CollegeHumor.com. (Larger photos found here, at article author Marina Cockenberg's Tumblr blog.) "He was dressed kind of like a homeless guy going to play sports, but apparently he does this all the time ... very 'loud,' crazy, bright colors/patterns when playing golf especially."

"It was my turn to kick and the ref said, 'Do you mind if my friend Bill kicks?' I was thinking, 'Yes I mind, it is my turn to kick -- I don't want your rando friend to take my turn.' Then I heard someone say it was Bill Murray, so I decided I would let him kick," said player Margaret Rainka, adding that the former "Saturday Night Live" comedian got on base.

The whole episode -- which ended with a lot of photographs being taken with the genial "Ghostbusters" star, whose sons reportedly stood off to the side and let him soak in the adulation -- lasted "less than 10 minutes," said one player, but clearly will be remembered much longer. 

"Our team lost that day," said player Chris DiLella, "but we still felt like winners at the end."

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