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Judi Dench sports rhinestone 007 neck 'tattoo' at 'Skyfall' premiere

There's school spirit, and then there's movie spirit. Dame Judi Dench may be 77, but she knows exactly how to show off how proud she is to be part of the James Bond franchise.

Reuters, Getty Images

Judi Dench and her 007 neck flare.

She turned up at the premiere of the latest Bond film "Skyfall" on Tuesday in London, dazzling and bedazzled with the "007" logo (which turns the "7" into a gun) in jewels along the side of her neck.

Clearly, the role of in-charge "M" is one Dench relishes, and isn't afraid to shine in. The British press has begun calling her fashion statement "neckjazzle," according to DailyGlow.com

How cool is that?

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