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Rod Stewart says he used cocaine suppositories

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images Contributor

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has packed a lot of life into his 67 years and he uncovers it all in his new book, “Rod: The Autobiography.” The memoir is filled with page after page of sex, drugs and of course, rock ‘n’ roll!

Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle sat down with the legendary singer to get the scoop on some of his book’s wildest stories, starting with his love life.

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“I’ve got to be honest with you. People try and say that I have had thousands of girls — I haven’t,” Rod told Michelle. “I’ve probably had 50 or 60.”

And in his book, Rod reveals the ladies who made a special impact on his heart and in his bed – the “You’re In My Heart” singer was quite the heartbreaker until he met his sixth wife, Rachel Hunter.

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“It seemed like you fell hard [for Rachel],” Michelle said. “And then she’s the one that broke your heart.”

“Yeah, Karma,” the rocker replied. “Looking back, she was probably too young. She was 21, I was 45. So she hadn’t really spread her wings. She hadn’t lived.

“And to be married to me? She was constantly in my shadow,” he continued. “Even my sister said as we were going down the aisle, she said, ‘I think Rachel’s going to break Roddie’s heart.’ She never told me but, but you know, that’s life. And we’re best of mates now.”

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Rod (whose new holiday album, “Merry Christmas, Baby” will hit stores on Tuesday) opened up about his use of drugs as well.

“As far as the drugs are concerned, I was never an addict. I was never, you know, in rehab,” he said. “It never affected my family or my relationships or anything. I was just a social user.”

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The same couldn’t be said for Rod’s “Faces” bandmate Ron Wood, who burned a hole through his nasal septum from cocaine use.

“Did that scare you enough?” Michelle asked.

“Well, it scared Ronny, yeah it did, so then we found another method of taking the drug,” he said. “We put them in a little pill like the French do them, [a] suppository.

“We did that for a little while. Are we still on the air?” he added, laughing.

Rod also had an idea for a “super rock band,” consisting of himself with pals Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

“It was going to be called, ‘Teeth, Nose & Hair,’” he said, adding that the idea “must have been the drugs talking.”

Rod and Elton remain friendly to this day, despite one embarrassing Christmas gift exchange, where Rod purchased an alcohol dispensing fridge (with a 300-pound price tag) for his friend.

“You stood it by your sofa, press a button, and out comes all the champagne, all the glasses are frozen [and] there’s all these colorful lights going on. And I thought, [Elton will] love that,’” Rod explained. “So I took it over there and gave it to Elton and he comes by Christmas Day with a Rembrandt [painting] which I’ve still got to this day.

“He paid about 10,000 [pounds] for it in those days and my humble gift was 300!” he added. “Cheap Stewart.”

“Rod: The Autobiography” is available in stores now.

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