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Ryan Gosling makes surprise appearance at Texas School for the Deaf

Mike Cassese / REUTERS file

Ryan Gosling earlier this fall.

Hey girl, here's another reason to love Ryan Gosling. Over the weekend the 31-year-old actor attended a charity event benefiting the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. Those who organized the Spooky Skedaddle 5K and Festival didn't know beforehand that the "Notebook" hunk would be gracing them with his presence. 

"You should have told me Ryan Gosling would be there ;)," @FreeFunInAustin tweeted to the school. "Ha :)," the organization replied. "We didn't know either!" 

Even at 12 years old, Ryan Gosling was a little charmer

Anne Adams, the executive director of the Texas School for the Deaf, told E! News that Gosling (who is currently in Texas filming a Terrence Malick flick) was joined by a film crew and his costars Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara.

"Ryan was extremely kind, allowing lots of photo ops with fans and when the director told him, 'Enough,' he said, 'No, one more,' and pulled a small deaf child out of the line for a picture. Ryan is a wonderful person and we were delighted that they came!"

Ghada Soufan, a local college student, posted a pic of Ryan surrounded by kids in costume at the event. After tweeting that "RYAN GOSLING JUST LOOKED AT ME," Ghada went for the gold and got a picture taken of herself and a pal with the plaid-clad hunk. (She hashtagged the pic #bestdayever. We'd have to agree on that one.)

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How do you say "swoon" in sign language?

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