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Roger Moore calls 'Skyfall' 'the best Bond ever made'

Bond is back. Or is it more accurate to say: Bond is book? That's because the third man to ever play James Bond, Roger Moore, has returned to the James Bond franchise, but as the author of "Bond on Bond: Reflecting on 50 years of James Bond Movies."

Moore, who portrayed James Bond in seven films from 1973-85 and became the series' longest-serving portrayer, says that returning "every 18 months" or so to make each new film was a delightful experience. "It was working with a family," he told TODAY's Matt Lauer Thursday. 

He recalled being a practical joker on the set, targeting Desmond Lewellyn (who played "Q") in particular. "He had nothing but gobbledygook to say," recalled Moore, "and he'd be trying to remember all this stuff." So Moore would take his script and secretly get fresh lines typed in that had to be re-memorized on the spot. "And poor Desmond, who spent months trying to learn this terrible dialogue is faced with something worse," chuckled Moore. "He took it all with a good humor."

But for all the fun he had during his own Bond run, he has to admit that the new "Skyfall" film is terrific. He wasn't able to see the film before he finished the book, but wishes he could add a whole new chapter.

"I think of it as just the best Bond ever made," he said. "I called (producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson) and said, 'Your parents would be so proud of you. You've given Bond another 50 years life.'"

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