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Betty White to spend Christmas alone with her dog

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

For many, Christmas is a chaotic time that involves travel, family in droves and, generally, happy chaos. For Betty White, however, Dec. 25 will be a quiet day spent alone with her dog.

"He's my family," she told People. "It's just the two of us for Christmas because I'm alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day. We look forward to that all year," White said about her plans to cozy up to Ponty, a golden retriever and former guide dog.

Once the holidays pass, the seven-time Emmy winner has some more to look forward to in January. First, her prank show "Off Their Rockers" returns to NBC on Jan. 8 with back-to-back episodes. This season will look a little different than the first: White will be paired with a number of guest stars including Ed Asner, "America's Got Talent" host Howie Mandel" and "Jackass" stunt guy Steve-O, among others. PSY and Kim Kardashian are set for the two premiere shows.

Then on Jan. 17, White celebrates an even bigger event: her 91st birthday.

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