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TODAY hosts take over Golden Globes red carpet

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TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie Morales arrive at the 2013 Golden Globes.

Sunday is one of the biggest nights of the year for Hollywood -- the arrival of the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards! And who better than the TODAY team of Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales to bring all of the great red carpet action just outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles?

The fantastic four took their own stroll down the carpet early on, all the better to be able to emcee the Golden Globes Arrivals Special.

7 p.m. ET

Standing just 20 feet from where the limos dropped off the stars, Lauer and Guthrie stood armed with microphones, ready to approach all of the arriving stars before they even got to the rest of the red carpet.

Morales (recovered from her on-the-carpet fashion mishap with Guthrie) nabbed TODAY friend and nominee (for "Silver Linings Playbook") Bradley Cooper, who noted that the nomination was great but it didn't make a huge change in his life: "Life got surreal a while ago," he told her. "I stopped trying to make sense of it."

Meanwhile, Lauer and Guthrie spoke with Jon Bon Jovi, a nominee for his song "Not Running Anymore" from "Stand Up Guys," who said he had to head back to New York the next day to rehearse for a tour. Shortly after he moved on, the pair spoke with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban; she's nominated for two very different roles ("Hemingway & Gellhorn," an HBO film; and feature "The Paperboy"). "I had a great year in terms of diversity," she noted. 

Elsewhere, Roker wished Julia Louis-Dreyfus a happy birthday and then congratulated her on her nomination for "Veep." So who did she pattern her Vice-Presidential character after? "You, Al Roker!" she chuckled. As for any birthday cake -- forget it. "I couldn't eat any cake and fit into this dress."

7:17 p.m. ET

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both looking very glamorous, stopped by Lauer and Guthrie and were doing their best to quell nerves -- important, since they're hosting the night's show. "I just got here on Friday," said Fey. "It's not a show you can rehearse much for. We do get pretty naked."

"We ... read a lot of poetry we've written," threw in Poehler. 

And about the drinking game audiences should play? "Rules are whatever you want them to be," said Fey, noting that if anyone thanked Harvey Weinstein, everyone had to eat a meatball sub.

After they departed, George Clooney (who will present an award tonight) and date Stacy Keibler took it in stride when Lauer said that Guthrie was going to have to deal with any security issues before they continued down the red carpet. "Savannah would like to pat you down," he said.

"Stacy said it was OK," added Guthrie.

"I thought later I'd be harassed, but not right off the bat," grinned Clooney.

7:28 p.m. ET

Red carpets are not a new phenomenon, Lauer pointed out to Guthrie, even citing Greek playwright Aeschylus in his tongue-in-cheek history lesson. But all that went away shortly after Daniel Day-Lewis (nominated for "Lincoln") and his wife, Rebecca Miller, paused to look at a photo Lauer handed them: Day-Lewis during his White House tour, reading Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. "It was quite a wonderful day for me," he noted.

But, as Day-Lewis also pointed out, playing Lincoln was a little challenging; "(I knew) if we go down in flames with ths one, I'll never be able to show my face in this country," he laughed.

Shortly after, nominee (for "Arbitrage") Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell paused for a quick chat -- and Gere referenced his recent marathon appearance on TODAY, noting that Lauer hadn't been around. "Richard is my new co-host," quipped Guthrie to Lauer.

Meanwhile, Adele was making her first post-baby public appearance with Al Roker on the carpet, and she hasn't changed a bit from when she hit so big with "21." She's nominated for her "Skyfall" tune, and confessed she was a little worried about taking on the James Bond institution: "Many people have risen with it, and many people have fallen (doing Bond songs)."

7:42 p.m. ET

As the clock ticked ever more toward the actual showtime, Lauer and Guthrie grabbed nominee (for "Les Miserables") Hugh Jackman -- looking very hirsute in a beard -- and reminded him that he compared singing live on set for the film to filming a nude scene once. "It's like a nude scene in front of 15 people," he admitted again. 

Over by Morales, Helen Mirren (nominated for "Hitchcock") was wearing a long-sleeved dress with no plunging neckline, which allowed her to keep toasty despite chilly temps. "I'm warm and comfortable, which is kind of a trick in some of these dresses," she said. But a chill seemed to go down her spine when Morales reminded her that host Tina Fey might try to single her out during the evening. "I'm sure she'll have a pop at me," Mirren admitted. "I've girded my loins, ready for that."

7:52 p.m. ET

"Tonight Show's" Jay Leno helped wrap up the evening for Lauer and Guthrie, who joked "I haven't seen you since Friday, when you were on the show!" (Fans may recall just how raucous that event was -- the TODAY hosts oversaw a "Meal or No Meal" skit during their appearance.) But as he noted, there was no question that Fey and Poehler would dominate the evening.

"They are the two funniest women I know," he said. "I'm excited."

As is everyone!

Be sure to tune into TODAY Monday morning as Matt, Savannah, Al and Natalie report live from Hollywood on all of the Golden Globe winners, surprises and after-party details!

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