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George Clooney pays diner's bill in Germany

Dinner's on George Clooney! One group of diners at the Grill Royal restaurant in Berlin were treated to a free meal because the actor was worried that he and his friends at a nearby table were making too much noise, Clooney's representative has confirmed to TODAY.

According to English-language publication The Local, German newspaper Bild reported that Clooney and Co. weren't disturbing the others in any way.

"They had behaved in a very cultivated manner," one man in the group told the paper, "I was stunned."

According to The Local, the man never recognized Clooney, even when he stopped by the star's table to leave a business card in hopes he could repay the gesture some day.

The newspaper reported that the dinner bill was around 100 Euros, or $135 U.S.

It's far from Clooney's first generous gesture. Back in October, paparazzi captured a photo of the actor giving money to a man sitting on a New York street wearing military dog tags.

Clooney is in Germany to direct and star in "Monuments Men," an upcoming big-screen drama also starring Daniel Craig and Cate Blanchett. Based on Robert M. Edsel's book, the film is about a group of Allied art experts racing to save priceless artworks from destruction by the Nazis.

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