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'Les Miserables' Anne Hathaway parody eager for Oscar consideration

Somebody likes her. Somebody really, really likes Anne Hathaway. Thus far, those someones include the Screen Actors Guild, the Hollywood Foreign Press and the Critics Choice voters, all of whom have given the co-star of "Les Miserables" serious accolades in the run-up to the Academy Awards (for which she's nominated as a best supporting actress for her role as the doomed Fantine).

Now you can add to the list another list of names: The filmmakers behind a hilarious, altered-lyrics parody of Hathaway's movie-stopping performance of "I Dreamed a Dream." (For those who haven't seen the film, Hathaway's Fantine belts out the tune in a single take shot that focuses solely on her face and shoulders.)

"For Your Consideration" stars Emma Fitzpatrick ("The Collection," "The Social Network"), who has been appropriately grunged up, wears a waif haircut and sports a pretty decent voice as she belts out lyrics like: "I coughed and wheezed and cried in every scene until I died." And, "I lost half my body weight but then they never did a wide shot."

It took eight takes to get the one they liked, Fitzpatrick told The Global Post, noting that she didn't originate the parody concept. The video's director, Alberto Belli, got writer Robert Hill to rewrite the lyrics, "and a mutual friend of ours knew I had short hair and could sing," she said.

And so she does, belting out later: "... And though I had to blow my nose, I did it all in one take, b----!"

"Everything builds really beautifully to that moment," said Fitzpatrick. "That line came flowing out of my mouth very naturally."

Despite poking a bit of fun at the performance, it's true: Fitzpatrick really likes Hathaway. "I thought her performance (in "Les Miserables") was awesome," she said. "As someone in the public eye, you have to be able to take a joke and laugh at yourself. There was no malicious intent."

The 85th Annual Academy Awards airs live Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

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