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Clint Eastwood's RNC chair gets a second life in Washington, D.C.

One of the most indelible images from 2012's Republican National Convention came during Clint Eastwood's speech, where he decided to address a chair as if it was President Obama. It became an immediate source of ridicule to some, and inspirational improv to others. But where do famous chairs go after taking their seat in the spotlight?

In this case, it turns out to the office of Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee. He told NBC's Luke Russert that he knew he had to have the chair "two minutes" after the speech began.

"I told my wife and a couple of folks that were around me, 'Let's get that chair,'" he said.

Priebus says he keeps the chair around to remind himself what will resonate with the public, after an extended period when his party is considered to be out of touch with many Americans.

"We have to accept where our culture's at and be a part of it, and still espouse the good principles of our party, but maybe make a change in that area," he said.

Now, six months after the convention, Priebus says the chair is the most popular item in his office, and visitors always ask to have a photo taken with the item.

You could say it's making a chair-table contribution.

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