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Bruce Willis: I was on the wagon, but I drink wine now

Mario Testino / GQ

After years of sobriety, Bruce Willis is allowing himself alcohol again, but in limited quantities, the "Die Hard" star told GQ magazine in a new cover story.

"I had been sober," he said. "But once I realized that I wasn't gonna run myself off the pier of life with alcohol, drinking vodka out of the bottle every day ... I have wine now, mostly when I eat."

Willis also discussed the 1994 classic "Pulp Fiction," and the disturbing scene he shared with Ving Rhames. "Those were a couple of dark days of shooting," Willis said of acting with a ball gag in his mouth. "Grim."

Willis won an Emmy for "Moonlighting" in his TV days, but he's not upset if he never adds an Oscar to that shelf.

"You don't get an Oscar for comedy, and you don't get it for shooting people," he said. "You get it for novelty, for being fascinating to watch in some character role. But the 'Die Hard' stuff and 'Dirty Harry' are all fraught with the same thing that every story is fraught with."

His next film, "A Good Day to Die Hard," opens Feb. 14. Willis has said he thinks he will do one more movie in the series.

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