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Tina Fey refuses to consider Oscar gig: 'It's super hard'

Tina Fey can do just about anything: Create and star in "30 Rock," co-host the Golden Globes, and now star alongside Paul Rudd in her newest film "Admission." But there's one thing she just isn't going to do, no matter how many times people ask: Host the Oscars.

"No!" she told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie Tuesday emphatically. "I'm happy to be able to say, 'No, thank you!' ... It's just so hard, it's super hard. And for a woman, the number of dresses you have to try on and the amount of tricep dips, forget it!"

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So that's out. What's not out is "Admission," in which she plays a college admissions officer who discovers an applicant might be the child she gave up for adoption. Additionally -- no real surprise -- Fey's character is a wound-tight overachiever. "It's super dramatic acting," said Fey with a wry tone. "Not since Daniel Day-Lewis has there been such an amazing stretch, acting-wise."

But now that she's done filming the movie and her show "30 Rock" has ended after seven seasons, what will Fey be doing with her time? 

"Children eat your time so beautifully," she noted, referring to her two young daughters. "(Not working) is OK because right now it just feels like we're on hiatus. I think come September I'll be wandering, I'll just kind of be walking out there" she gestured at the TODAY Plaza "in pajama pants and a coat going, 'Where do I work?'"

"You're always welcome here," Guthrie assured her.

"Admission" opens in theaters March 22.

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