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Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds' 'Croods' characters explore joys of pants, shoes

Actors working on period films often get swept up in the fancy costumes and decorative scenery of the era; in the case of Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, whose voices appear in the new film "The Croods," that wasn't going to happen. First, because it's an animated film. But second -- because it's about a group of Stone Age cave-dwellers starting to evolve.

Which means clothes, as Reynolds and Stone told Savannah Guthrie and Lester Holt on TODAY Friday, are kind of a new thing.

Emma's character Eep, for example, turns into a nearly modern woman when she's introduced to the concept of footwear: "Eep is very excited to discover shoes," says Stone. "Women and shoes. There's a lot of screaming involved."

Meanwhile, Ryan's feisty character Guy is a trendsetter, because he shows up with a new invention: Pants.

"Pants, fire, shoes," noted Emma about the inventions Guy brings with him.

"That's like my first date," joked Reynolds. Guy is also wearing a clingy little sloth named, what else, Belt. "It's kind of like the prehistoric ... fanny pack," added the actor. "This is before drug dealers wore them."

The pair didn't get to see much of each other while lending their voices to the film, as they were recording many miles apart. But Reynolds seems to have really taken to the low-key nature of being asked to lend only his voice, not his face, to a role. "What other kind of showbiz job do you get to roll out of bed in a muumuu and a scrunchie and jump in a booth and just have fun?" he asked. 

"The Croods" opens in theaters March 27.

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