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Chris Brown premieres new video for 'Fine China'

Chris Brown has dropped a brand new video for his song "Fine China" off his upcoming album "X." The singer stopped by TODAY on Monday to promote the premiere of his new music, which can be seen here:

The video offers a semi-futuristic take on the classic good-girl-hooks-up-with-bad-boy story line. It even starts with a disapproving dad (hey, that's the Dharma Initiative guy from "Lost"!) chastising his daughter before she's whisked away by the "outsider, thug" Brown in an orange Lamborghini.

"I'll go anywhere with you," the girl tells Brown as the music starts and they drive through a Tron-like urban setting before arriving at a back-alley club. As the music kicks into high gear and Brown demonstrates his dance moves, this is where you remember all of those Michael Jackson comparisons.

"I'm not dangerous. When you're mine, I'll be generous. You're irreplaceable, a collectible. Just like fine china." 

The R&B star started the morning by joining a flash mob of dancers on the TODAY Plaza. He later sat down with Matt Lauer to discuss his maturity as a musician and the changes he's made as a man since being convicted of assaulting girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

As for the music, Brown said his approach to making "X" was to put a lot of writers and producers in the same place and have a "camp" aimed at generating chemistry between everybody. A tactic that he says leads to more creative energy.

Lauer asked Brown what has changed musically in the years since he released his first music at age 16. "My music is maturing so I have a lot more to talk about, whether it be personal relationships, trials and tribulations, just me as a young 23-year-old man."

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