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Joe Jonas surprises fan on the plaza with an invite of his own

A college student who made a viral video asking Joe Jonas to her sorority formal got the surprise of her life on the plaza Thursday.

Disguised in a wig, fake goatee and glasses, a man who said his name was "Ned" sidled up to Pepperdine University senior Shaina Kohli in the crowd on TODAY.

It was Jonas, and though he broke the news that he can’t make it to her formal on Saturday, Kohli quickly recovered: He offered her a trip to Chicago and a front-row seat at the first show of his tour.

“We’ll flip it a little bit,’’ Jonas said as he removed his beard and wig. “You go with me to the opening night of the concert on July 10.”

“I guess that’ll do,’’ she joked. “I would love to.’’ 

Kohli's video invitation, posted on April 2, has racked up nearly 90,000 views on YouTube. 

“I thought, who should I ask to my formal?’’ she says in her three-minute clip. “And then I thought I should cross something off my bucket list, so I’m going to ask you.”

In her YouTube clip, Kohli asks people on campus why Jonas should go to formal with her. Her classmates say she's spontaneous, hot, awesome, and wears great boots. She respects that Jonas has a girlfriend, but says the two will have fun dancing a platonic Harlem shake.

Several groups of people then urge Jonas to “just go with her!”

Jonas taped his own tongue-in-cheek video response. 

“Shaina, hello you little thing you,’’ Jonas deadpans. “You sassy little thing you. It’s your friend Joe.’’

Jonas breaks the news that he can’t attend her formal, but proposes the trip to Chicago.

“Shaina, you’ve been holding your weight in this relationship way too long, and now it’s time for me to do my part,’’ Jonas says while pumping iron. “Please accept my invite as my special guest.”