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Bob Seger fulfills 79-year-old coma patient's dream


Evie Branan woke from a coma saying she wanted to see a Bob Seger concert. And so she did.

Evie Branan, 79, woke from a five-year coma in 2011 and had one thought: She wanted to go to a Bob Seger concert. Thursday night in Michigan, she got her wish.

"I loved it," Branan told Mlive.com of the concert at the Palace at Auburn Hills. "It was fantastic."

Branan, who'd seen five Seger concerts before her coma, suffered a massive stroke in 2007 and was in a care center for years, unable to speak.

After she hit her head in 2011, she awoke, and Branan told NBC News, "The first thing I said was, 'I want to go to a Bob Seger concert."

Administrators at Willowbrook Manor, the care center where Branan had been staying, teamed up with Seger's employees to make the concert happen. Branan didn't just get to attend, she met Seger, his band, and family, and was even greeted by complete strangers at the concert who'd heard her story, Mlive reports.

Branan's taste in music may seem young for her age -- though Seger himself is 67 -- but she complains that not everyone in Willowbrook Manor is quite so with it.

"They're too old here," she told NBC of the Willowbrook men. "They've got one foot on a banana peel and one on the grave."

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